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Superpro Duo 700 Backpack Vacuum

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Superpro Duo 700 Backpack Vacuum


The Superpro micron 700 boasts a HEPA rated high grade filter that traps 99.999% of fine dust particles. Perfect for health care operations where clean air quality is essential, its sealable disposable dust bag guarantees dust and bacteria are disposed of with minimal exposure to the user.


  • Capacity 5L

  • Filtration 4 stage, HEPA Rated Hypercone™ Filter

  • Motor 1000W two stage by-pass

  • Power Cord 18m

  • Volumetric Airflow (per sec) 38L

  • Warranty 2 years on body and motor

  • Weight 5.3kg (ex. power cord assembly and hose)


What’s In The Box

superpro_duo_700 superproduo700-notinbox

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