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Ducted Vacuum Retractable Hose 12M Hide A Hose Install kit+ Attachments

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Retravac Retractable 12M Hose DIY Rough-In Kit Disappearing Hose

RetractaVac – The disappearing hose!

Automatically retracting hose. The wall inlet will swallow the hose for convenient storage. Vacuuming is a breeze when you don’t need to worry about carrying a hose or needing to store it. The hose is stored in the wall ready for use at any time! When your done vacuuming the hose retracts automatically into the wall for convenience. Never again do you need to impersonate a fireman carrying a long hose coiled on your shoulder, or for that matter waste cupboard space with bulky hoses. RetractaVac installation & accessory kits are available with a 9, 12 or 15m hose.

Hide-A-Hose retractable hose systems can be installed in new or existing homes. This kit includes components to install the hide-a-hose pipe system only.


This Kit comes with

1 x 12m hose
1 x Handle
1 x Telescopic wand
1 x Inlet backing plate
1 x Inlet door
3 x 90 degree long elbow (1 extra in 15m kit)
2 x 45 degree long elbow (1 extra in 15m kit)
2 x 22 degree long elbow (1 extra in 15m kit)
1 x Floor brush
1 x Dusting brush
1 x Crevice tool
2 x Accessory hangers


Not including pipe!

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