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Electrolux ELUX930 Ducted Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 3 Pk


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Fits Models:

  • Electrolux ELUX930 Ducted Vacuum Cleaner

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Hi Efficiency Original Electrolux Oxygen Series Ducted Vacuum Bags – 3 Pk

This new hi efficiency original Electrolux Oxygen Series Ducted Vacuum Bags have been developed to provide long lasting vacuum cleaner performance, i.e. a high level of suction power and maximum filtration, up to the moment the dust bag is full and ready for disposal. 50% more life and filtration. The dust is absorbed into the bag without blocking the pores, thus avoiding reduction in suction power. As a result, you no longer need to change dust bags so often.  

Fits Models:

  • Electrolux ZCV845
  • Electrolux ZCV850
  • Electrolux ZCV855
  • Electrolux ZCV860
  • Electrolux ZCV865
  • Electrolux ZCV870
  • Electrolux ZCV875
  • Electrolux ELUX910
  • Electrolux ELUX910H
  • Electrolux ELUX920
  • Electrolux ELUX920H
  • Electrolux ELUX930
  • Electrolux ELUX930H

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