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Hyla Vacuum Cleaner Repair


Hyla Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Service

Hyla Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry + Shampoo and Upholtery Cleaning System + Air Purifier System

Call Us – 03 9568 6005

At Vac City, we Hyla Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Service and we can help you with any questions or queries about your Hyla Vacuum Cleaner.

Just give us a call on 03 9568 6005 or come and see us in person.

Our qualified staff do not compromise on machine performance; we aim to work to the manufacturer’s specifications, and use new & genuine Hyla vacuum parts. We know Hyla vacuums inside and out, so come and see us for all your Hyla vacuum cleaner needs!

Our VIP Hyla Service starts from $150 & Includes

External Check

  • External Damage to Housing
  • Damage / Defects to Plug / Socket & Other External Electrical Components
  • Control Knobs Operable & Secure


  • Motor Performance Check and high pressure clean
  • Cleaning Inside & Outside using High Pressure Air Through Motor & Interiors
  • Motor Lubrication
  • Disinfected & Deodourised

Mechanical Safety Check

  • Filters Inlets and Exhaust Clean and Cleared of Obstructions
  • Flexible Cord Checked : Inner core not exposed, anchourage of flexible cord, external sheath not damaged.
  • Performance Checked
  • Blockages Cleared

All service costs are for labour only, cost of parts and consumables will be estimated and quoted once the machine is inspected.

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