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VAX Vacuum Cleaner Bags , Maintain Your VAX Vacuum Cleaner with Affordable Vacuum Bags Shipped Anywhere in Australia

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Vax Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Our Paper bags are premium quality made. They come with unbleached paper, Double walled, Double Glued, Micro filtered.

Vac City has a huge range of dust bags to suit most vacuum cleaner brands in the market, that is why no matter how new or how old, we will get it for you!

Most importantly We don’t use cheaply made privately imported bags!
we only use quality bags from proper Vacuum Bags manufactures and we purchase Locally in order to insure you get the vacuuming performance full on. cheap copy bags will damage your vacuum motor in many cases.

Paper bags need to be replaced when they are 70% full for optimum cleaning performance and longevity of your machine.
That is why Some vacuums will last for 20 years or more if this rule is followed.

No Vacuum is maintenance free! Therefor a proper use of vacuum bags is the best way to maintain a vacuum cleaner in good order and for the long run.

For advice call is at Vac City 03-95686005. We can Get all vacuum cleaner bags available in the market even what’s not!!