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36MM Chrome Steel Vacuum Cleaner Rod / Wand Pullman Ghibli

$30.00 Inc. GST


  • All 35mm vacuums
  • All 35mm Volta Vacuums
  • All 35mm Hoover Vacuums
  • All 35mm Nilfisk Vacuums
  • All 35mm Miele Vacuums
  • All 35mm Vax Vacuums
  • All 35mm Wertheim Vacuums



In stock


36MM Telescopic Chrome Steel Vacuum Cleaner Rod / Wand

This Product:
  • For all 36mm vacuum cleaners
  • 36mm chrome steel vacuum cleaner rod
  • Suitable For Ghibli, Pullman & Spitwater


  • All 36mm vacuum

Note: Call your local Vac City store to check the compatibility to your vacuum cleaner

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