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3 X Sabco Floor Pads Black white red Strip buff polish

$30.00 Inc. GST

In stock


Sabco Sabco Black ,white,red Strip Floor Pad -40cm

The Black Strip Floor Pad is ideal to strip floors and remove old polishing

  • Removes dirt & old wax build-up
  • Cleans down to original surface
  • RPM: up to 350


The White Super Polish Floor Pad is designed for polishing dry floors

  • Extra fine pad for polishing dry floors
  • Ideal for buffing soft finishes and low traffic areas
  • Ideal for marble floors
  • RPM: up to 800

The Red Buff Floor Pad is designed for spray buffing

  • Removes light scuff marks and dirt while producing a smooth, high gloss finish
  • Ideal for spray buffing
  • RPM: up to 800

Total 3 pads

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