Airflo AFV 4602T Prowler Vacuum Cleaner Bags

$19.95 $15.95


These bags are a high quality replacement bag for the models listed above.

They feature the following:

  • a heavy duty cardboard collar with rubber membrane for better a fit
  • double walled for better strength and filtration
  • double folded edge for better strength
  • a pack of 5 bags + 1 pre-motor filter
  • up to 50% longer life
  • more power
  • top filtration
  • top resistance


Fits Models

  • Airflo AFV 4602T Prowler
  • Airflo AFV 4603 Prowler
  • Airflo AFV 4900 Voyager
  • Airflo Phantom (New Model)
  • Airflo AFV3002, AFV9030, 9038

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