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Eco Flat Spray Mop System With Microfiber Pad For Hardwood Floors - Tiles - All Floors

$39.95 Inc. GST

In stock


Quality Eco Spray Mop For Hardwood Floors – Tiles – Laminate – Stone

Ideal For All Types Of Hard Flooring

Lightweight and compact mop that is easy to use !

Fill the tank with cleaning solution and you’re ready to go!

Picks Up 50% more Dirt and Dust Than Regular Mops

Holds 7 times its weight in dirt and grime

Environmentally Friendly and chemical free cleaning.

Great Spray Mechanism to cover your floors at a very efficient rate (save on Liquid Solution).


You Get:

Spray Mop x 1

Microfiber Wet Cleaning Pad x 1

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