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Water Filter Vacuum & Steam Cleaner, Shampoo Extractor & Upholstery Spiromagic 4Le

$2,995.00 Inc. GST

* Low Operating Cost:

No Chemicals Or dwell Time

* Continuous refilling system:

Unlimited Working Time You Never out of Steam

* Chemical Free Cleaning:

Sage for Users With Allergies and Chemicals Sensitivities

* Commercial Grade Steamer:

High Pressure Steam 80PsI / 5.5 Bar Max temperature 162°C

* Surface Vacuum Extractor:

Removes Dirt and Mould From Hard Surfaces

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Water Filter Vacuum & Steam Cleaner, Shampoo Extractor & Upholstery Spiromagic 4Le

Continuous Refill Steam & Vacuum & Hot Water Injection –

Made in Italy

With this innovative steam and suction system, even hard-to-reach places can be cleaned quickly and optimally.This is made possible by the compactness of the device and the various accessories supplied. And it is thanks to these accessories that the Limatic lance glides easily on all surfaces, leaving an optimal sanitation.
With the washing-extraction module For Fabrics Deep Cleaning, Limatic removes even the most stubborn dirt by eliminating germs and bacteria and inactivating viruses.
Spiromagic: a deep cleansing, all natural No Chemicals
Internationally patented water filter
Use It For lt your wet or dry Vacuuming needs
Handle with suction control (3 speeds)
Steam, suction, washing-extraction in one system
Continuous charging system (No Need to wait for heating up)


The Functions of  Spiromagic 4

  • Best of both world Steaming action with Instant Suction that leaves the floors Clean and dry
  • With the water Filter Let it run and Purify the air in the room it Even stops Automatically after 30 Min.
  • Deep Clean your carpets with Steam combined with Hot water For deep Cleaning Shampoo and Extraction
  • Continuous refilling system Unlimited Working Time You Never out of Steam
  • Clean your Windows With the window cleaning attachments
  • Clean Bathrooms n toilets
  • Clean wash n Sanitise Upholstery Surfaces (beds Couches)
  • Unblock the sink
  • Clean and sanitise All hard Surfaces Floors benches walls windows With the special attachments
  • Iron n Sanitise cloths
  • Suitable for heavy duty us such as restaurant for kitchen cleaning.


Green Cleaning: clean with 93% less water :  this steam generator only fills with tap water. It allows the operator not only to save on the cost of detergents, but also to protect the environment by completely eliminating harmful substances. The  water consumption is reduced by 93%  approximately when compared to traditional cleaning methods

POWER SUPPLY                                          230 V
OPERATING PRESSURE                            4.5 BAR (550 kPa)
MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE                        162 ° C
BOILER CAPACITY                                     1 L
BOILER MATERIAL                                     AISI 304
BOILER POWER                                         3.400 W
VACUUM POWER                                       1.200 W
STEAM PRODUCTION                               up to 70 gr. / min
MAXIMUM POWER ABSORBED                2400 W
FILTRATION SYSTEM                                WATER VENTURI
MAXIMUM DEPRESSION                          2.500 mm H2O
AIR FLOW                                                  85 m3/h
WATER TANK CAPACITY                          1 L
DETERGENT TANK CAPACITY                1.7 L
RECOVERY TANK CAPACITY                  1.6 L
DIMENSIONS                                             L x W x H 520 / 330 / 275
RANGE OF ACTION                                  10 m
NET WEIGHT                                             10.5 KG


Italian Made Engineered To Perform and Last Robust with High Performance.


Wash Your Floors All Types

Sanitise Your Floors Carpets and other Surfaces such as Beds couches Glass Granite

Purify Your Home








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